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What does it mean to be Healthy?

What does it mean to be Healthy?

Are you healthy? What does it even mean to be healthy? Is your definition of the word the same as your friend, your vegan co-worker or your neighbor’s definition? Perhaps not? The word ‘healthy’ can mean so many different things to different people on very different journeys. For most of us, the definition is constantly changing as we discover things about ourselves or our lifestyles that we want to eliminate or improve. Whether that’s drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, working out often enough, eating enough vegetables, thinking positive thoughts, drinking less coffee, eating less red meat, quitting smoking, attending a therapy session… The list could go on and on.

Lately I have been thinking about the word ‘health’ and what it means to Bay and Yarrow. Its not just about having a green smoothie or eating your broccoli. Its about the motivation and the drive to push you towards achieving YOUR definition of the word healthy whatever that might be today, tomorrow and the day after.

With Love, Chia xx

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